The BlueDragon
Integrated Problem-Solving System

for Root Cause Analysis & Accident Investigations

The most advanced universal problem-solving system for identifying and addressing the causes of costly human errors and other complex recurring problems. Make BlueDragon IPS integral to Risk Management to proactively strengthen defenses and lower risks.

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BlueDragon IPS

BlueDragon IPS is not another RCA tool for your problem-solving tool box, but a universal system that integrates the best elements of classic tools and techniques with modern behavioral analysis and concepts such as Lean, Agile and the five principles of High Reliability Organization. BlueDragon training courses are the most advanced in the industry, including courses taught by ASQ, Lean Six Sigma and other dated methodologies.

BlueDragon can be universally applied in any industry to help solve problems faster and more accurately than traditional methods. Benefits include dramatically improving safety & quality, lowering operating costs, and reducing wasted time and resources spent on non-critical tasks.

The Challenges

The cost of recurring human-centered (people) problems in the United States are in the trillions per year. We at BlueDragon identified three major reasons organizations are not ale to prevent recurring complex and wicked problems.

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The Work Environment

The modern sociotechnical work environment has dramatically changed since the 1980s, creating the need for more modern and advanced root cause analysis methodologies.

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Lack of Skills

Mainstream education has fallen short of providing us the problem solving and critical thinking skills needed in today’s work environments. They too have not evolved to meet the needs of the modern workforce.

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Weak Methodologies

Most of the methods, tools and techniques for root cause analysis were created over 50 years ago and stop short of getting to the deepest-seated causes of complex problems.

The Solution: BlueDragon IPS

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IPS transforms your team into strong critical thinkers and problem solvers.

The BlueDragon Integrated Problem-solving System (IPS) is an advancement in root cause analysis that emphasizes efficiency and critical thinking to pinpoint human-centric problems that are costing the business money.

This is important because regulated industries—such as Energy, Aerospace, Food and Drug, Transportation, and Healthcare—are subject to laws requiring root cause analysis (RCA), but RCA often requires proprietary software that doesn’t provide enough detail to target complex problems.

Spend more time and resources on the mission

Accurately identify what's actually causing your problems

Prevent events from recurring and reduce your backlogs

Gain essential skills that will transform your team and advance your career

Training & Certification


Training & Certification


Root Cause Analysis Training & Certification

Advance your career or build your team with a BlueDragon Root Cause Analysis certification. BlueDragon IPS offers both online and in-person training and certification for Analyst, Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels.


Accident Investigations, Root Cause Analyses, Risk Assessments

Hire our Master Practitioners to lead or facilitate your investigation or root cause analysis. BlueDragon Master Practitioners have led or facilitated problem solving efforts at some of the most complex operating environments such as the U.S. National Laboratories and the Nuclear Weapons Complex.


Coaches & Mentors for Executive Leadership Teams and Improvement Initiatives

Hire our Master Practitioners to mentor your staff. BlueDragon Master Practitioners have provided award-winning coaching and mentoring consultation services to Executive Leadership Teams (ELTs) and organizations across the Department of Energy campus.



Accident Investigations, Root Cause Analyses, Risk Assessments

Hire our Master Practitioners to lead or facilitate your investigation or analysis. BlueDragon Master Practitioners have led or facilitated problem solving efforts at some of the most complex operating environments such as the U.S. National Laboratories and the Nuclear Weapons Complex. 


Coaches & Mentors for Executive Leadership Teams and Improvement Initiatives

Hire our Master Practitioners to mentor your staff. BlueDragon Master Practitioners have provided award-winning coaching and mentoring consultation services to Executive Leadership Teams (ELTs) and organizations across the Department of Energy campus. 

How is BlueDragon IPS used?

Proactive Self-Assessments

BlueDragon IPS helps clients conduct in-depth root cause analysis and assessments of design basis threat scenarios using current operating parameters, guidance, leadership and culture, and to achieve optimal performance by identifying gaps in performance and improving the overall strength of defenses within systems affecting quality and safety.   

Real-Time Analysis & Event Investigations

BlueDragon IPS helps clients rapidly evaluate and address negative performance trends and significant problems or events, so that the organization can efficiently close performance gaps and return to mission critical tasks, minimizing the costs of downtime. BlueDragon IPS is a methodology for developing and maintaining the relevancy of any crisis portfolio.

What Our Clients Say

Ishikawa Fishbone rose to prominence in the 1940s, and Six Sigma in the 1980s.
Our clients see that today’s hyper-integrated, data-rich society needs a 21st century approach to problem solving.

Our Clients

BlueDragon is in use at some of the most technically challenging sites in the world, including most of the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories and the Nuclear Weapons Complex. 

Return on Investment

Most organizations can reduce their recurring issues by at least 20% or more, saving millions of dollars in overhead per year!

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The Cost of Recurring Problems

Many organizations are not aware that the costs of recurring issues and corrective actions can be in the millions of dollars per year… all on overhead. The cost of waste in the U.S. caused by human-centric issues are in the trillions per year. 


Can you afford not to prevent recurring problems?

Unless organizations commit the resources to conduct root cause analyses, they will continue to experience recurring events.  

Lost Revenue
Losing trillions of dollars while using outdated Root Cause Analysis
Lost Contracts
Loss of trust and regulatory confidence leading to lost contracts
Industrial accidents
Industrial accidents from lack of problem-solving skills in the organization
Staffing Issues
Problems with recruitment and retention leading to a turnover of quality staff
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Featured Resource

Free Hidden Cost Calculator: Discover How Recurring Problems Are Costing You
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