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Integrated Problem-Solving System (IPS)

The world’s most advanced system for eliminating the causes of costly human errors and other complex recurring problems in the modern workplace

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BlueDragon IPS

The BlueDragon Integrated Problem-solving System (IPS) is a next-generation holistic problem-solving framework that helps organizations improve safety & performance and reduce overhead by solving problems faster and more accurately than any other methodology on the market, returning lost time and resources to mission critical tasks.

BlueDragon has been vetted and implemented at some of the most technically challenging sites in the world.

The Challenges

The cost of recurring human-centric problems in the United States are in the trillions per year. The issues in our Health Care System and in poor software quality are costing the United States over 3 trillion dollars per year, on average. Many organizations are not aware that the hidden costs of documenting, evaluating, and correcting recurring issues can be in the millions of dollars per year…all on overhead.

We at BlueDragon identified the following three major reasons organizations are not preventing recurring complex and wicked problems.

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Lack of Awareness

Industries are not recognizing (and therefor not properly treating) complex human-centric problems in modern socio-technical work environments.

This leads to...

Organizations waste time, money, and resources dealing with recurring problems resulting in less time focused on their mission.

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Lack of Education

Mainstream education falls short of providing us the problem solving and critical thinking skills needed in today’s work environments.

This leads to...

More and more leaders are becoming aware that their personnel lack critical thinking skills and are relying heavily on what they hear or find on the internet.

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Outdated Methodologies

Most of the methods, tools and techniques for root cause analysis were created over 50 years ago and do not account for complex, 21st century problems.

This leads to...

Management is frustrated because problems are recurring in spite of best efforts to find and eliminate the causes.

The Solution: BlueDragon IPS

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IPS transforms your team into strong critical thinkers and problem solvers.

The BlueDragon Integrated Problem-solving System (IPS) is an advancement in root cause analysis that emphasizes efficiency and critical thinking to pinpoint human-centric problems that are costing the business money.

This is important because regulated industries—such as Energy, Aerospace, Food and Drug, Transportation, and Healthcare—are subject to laws requiring root cause analysis (RCA), but RCA often requires proprietary software that doesn’t provide enough detail to target complex problems.

Spend more time and resources on the mission

Accurately identify what's actually causing your problems

Prevent events from recurring and reduce your backlogs

Gain essential skills that will transform your team and advance your career

What We Do

“At BlueDragon, we provide solutions that unlock the infinite human potential for solving the deepest and most complex problems through employee and management empowerment and engagement”


Training & Certification


Training & Certification

Advance your career or build your team with a BlueDragon certification. BlueDragon IPS offers both online and in-person training and certification for Analyst, Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels.


Management Orientation

Essential training for leaders and managers that are supporting BlueDragon investigations. Choose from either instructor-led management indoctrination or our online, self-paced course.


Refresher Training

An update for existing BlueDragon Analysts and Practitioners.

Learn the latest techniques of BlueDragon IPS, and keep your skills alive and active.



Special Investigators

Hire our Master Practitioners to lead or facilitate your investigation or analysis.​ BlueDragon Master Practitioners have led or facilitated problem solving efforts at some of the most complex operating environments such as the U.S. National Laboratories and the Nuclear Weapons Complex. 


Coaches & Mentors

Hire our Master Practitioners to mentor your staff. BlueDragon Master Practitioners have provided award-winning coaching and mentoring consultation services to Executive Leadership Teams (ELTs) and organizations across the Department of Energy campus. 

How is BlueDragon IPS used?

  • BlueDragon is the most advanced holistic and scalable system for accident/incident investigations of any level of severity.

  • BlueDragon is for investigators and auditors in Safety, Security, Quality Assurance, Environmental Health & Safety, and all personnel that perform any type of organizational self-assessments.

  • BlueDragon trains Lean Six Sigma and Project Management Professionals how to achieve organizational excellence by dramatically enhancing their process improvement initiatives.

  • BlueDragon helps Risk Management Professionals to reduce risk by conducting hazards analyses and proactively evaluating and strengthening the line of defenses that prevent or mitigate risks.   

  • BlueDragon training is ideal for investigations conducted by regulators, military tribunals and the offices of the Inspector General and Judge Advocate General.

Proactive Self-Assessments

BlueDragon IPS helps clients conduct in-depth assessments of design basis threat scenarios using current operating parameters, guidance, leadership and culture, and to achieve optimal performance by identifying gaps in performance and improving the overall strength of defenses within systems affecting quality and safety.   

Real-Time Analysis & Event Investigations

BlueDragon IPS helps clients rapidly evaluate and address negative performance trends and significant problems or events, so that the organization can efficiently close performance gaps and return to mission critical tasks, minimizing the costs of downtime.   BlueDragon IPS is a methodology for developing and maintaining the relevancy of any crisis portfolio.  

What Makes BlueDragon
The Best Problem-Solving System?

A Holistic Approach

BlueDragon incorporates elements of Systems Theory, to ensure we evaluate the applicable systems and subsystems that are required to deliver desired outcomes.

Integrates The Best Traditional Tools

BlueDragon uses the best features of traditional (but antiquated) tools and techniques (e.g., 5-whys and the Fishbone), and integrates them into a single framework that is many times more accurate, lean, agile and efficient.

Backed By Science

BlueDragon is founded on solid principles such as Behavioral Analysis, High Reliability Organizations, Systems Theory, Lean Mistake Proofing, the Hierarchy of Hazard Controls, and Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents.

Uses Qualitative & Quantitative Methods

BlueDragon is designed to simultaneously integrate qualitative behavioral analysis with and any number of quantitative data analysis methods, resulting in maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Learn More

Learn more about BlueDragon IPS framework, explore case studies, and discover how we’re redefining critical thinking for the 21st century.

Get Started

Ready to develop your team, build essential leadership skills,  and advance your career? Get started with a BlueDragon IPS Certification.

Our Clients

BlueDragon is in use at some of the most technically challenging sites in the world, including most of the Department of Energy’s National Laboratories and the Nuclear Weapons Complex. 

What Our Clients Say

Ishikawa Fishbone rose to prominence in the 1940s, and Six Sigma in the 1980s.
Our clients see that today’s hyper-integrated, data-rich society needs a 21st century approach to problem solving.

Return on Investment

Most organizations can reduce their recurring issues by at least 20% or more, saving millions of dollars in overhead per year!

Businessman stacking coins with a graph of profit indicating growth and success.

The Cost of Recurring Problems

Many organizations are not aware that the costs of recurring issues and corrective actions can be in the millions of dollars per year… all on overhead.The cost of waste in the U.S. caused by human-centric issues are in the trillions per year.  

Calculating ROI

Actual Site With 8000 Employees

  • 40 Root Causes / yr. = $27.5M
  • 100 Apparent Causes / yr. = $1.9M
  • 800 Minor Issues / yr. = $3.2M

Training Costs for 8000 Employees

  • 10% Trained on BD1 Rapid Investigations = $800K
  • 3% Trained on BD2 Apparent/Root Cause = $550K

5-Year ROI Based on a Reduction of 20% of Issues and 30% in Time Savings:


Use the spreadsheet below to calculate your own ROI.


Can you afford not to Become a Dragon?

Organizations often wonder why they don’t seem to be able to solve significant issues and are having recurring problems, such as…

Lost Revenue
Losing trillions of dollars while using outdated Root Cause Analysis
Lost Contracts
Loss of trust and regulatory confidence leading to lost contracts
Industrial accidents
Industrial accidents from lack of problem-solving skills in the organization
Staffing Issues
Problems with recruitment and retention leading to a turnover of quality staff