The Hidden Costs of Recurring Problems Calculator

Recurring issues rob organizations of time and resources that should be spent on mission critical tasks and deliverables. Individually these issues may not cause a crises, but over time, recurring problems, incidents and accidents demand significant time and money from organizations already operating on thin margins and burdened by competitive pressures and stakeholder expectations around safety, compliance and performance. 

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Do You Know The Cost of Your Organization's Recurring Problems?

Many organizations are not aware that the costs of recurring issues and corrective actions can be in the millions of dollars per year… mostly on overhead! The overall cost of waste, fraud and abuse caused by human-centric problems in the United States alone are in the $trillions per year.  

Why Traditional Causal Analysis Falls Short

Most organizations rely on legacy solutions to tackle these recurring issues – incident reporting systems, root cause analysis of individual events, process changes here and there, safety briefings, and perhaps increased oversight in problem areas. While those practices are essential, they rarely unravel the deeper web of causal factors behind the scenes that allow common issues to persist unabated. Traditional Root Cause Analysis methodologies stop prematurely. As a result, they cannot unravel the deeper, interdependent human, organizational and cultural factors that continually introduce defects into the workplace “ecosystem”. 

Calculating The Hidden Costs - an Example:

The Hidden Cost of Recurring Problems at a Secure Facility

  • 10 Root Causes / yr. = $6.875M
  • 100 Apparent Causes / yr. = $2.5M
  • 1000 Minor Issues / yr. = $1.8M 
  • TOTAL = $11,175,000 / yr.

BlueDragon Training Costs for 8000 Employees

  • 15% Trained as Rapid Apparent Cause Evaluators  for issues of low to moderate significance.
  • 5% Trained as Root Cause Practitioners for complex issues of high significance.
  • Total Cost over 3 yrs. = $1M

5-Year ROI Based on a Reduction of 20% of Issues and 30% in Time Savings:


Obtain a snapshot of how much recurring problems are costing your organization by downloading a copy of our interactive calculator. Using this spreadsheet, you can enter your own statistics documenting the numbers of low, moderate and high significance issues per year, the resources needed to document, investigate and close out issues, the personnel labor rates, and more.

Then, calculate the ROI after a cultural transformation brought about when recurring problems are understood, predicted, and prevented before they emerge.  


Can you afford not to prevent recurring problems?

Organizations that adopt BlueDragon IPS will experience a reduction of recurring events and a significant time savings overall, returning lost time and resources to mission critical tasks.  

Lost Revenue
Losing trillions of dollars while using outdated Root Cause Analysis
Lost Contracts
Loss of trust and regulatory confidence leading to lost contracts
Industrial accidents
Industrial accidents from lack of problem-solving skills in the organization
Staffing Issues
Problems with recruitment and retention leading to a turnover of quality staff
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