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The BlueDragon Integrated Problem-solving System is a lean, agile, scalable and efficient methodology for solving human-centric problems; problems that cannot be solved by math and science alone.

IPS was developed in the last decade to take into account modern, socio-technical work environments, which traditional problem-solving methods do not.

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What is BlueDragon IPS?

The Problem

Today’s businesses and organizations are losing trillions of dollars while using outdated Root Cause Analysis and other systems to tackle today’s complex challenges.

The demand for world-class critical thinking and problem-solving skills is increasing across all industries and sectors as the challenges of recruitment and staff retention grow.

The Solution

There is no better way to build a resilient team or advance your career in today’s working environments than with a cutting edge BlueDragon Certification.

This highly regarded proven system offers three tiers of certification, Analyst, Practitioner and Master Practitioner, starting at less than $1,000.

Our Framework

The BlueDragon Integrated Problem-solving System is a state-of-the-art approach for solving human-centric problems that takes into account the complexities of modern, socio-technical working environments.

BlueDragon IPS moves beyond other traditional and dated methods of Root Cause Analysis.

Benefits of BlueDragon IPS

The BlueDragon IPS template replaces many RCA tools by seamlessly integrating traditional approaches that have been done separately. It can replace the fishbone, 5-whys, events and causal factors charts, barrier analysis, task analysis, change analysis, and comparative timeline analysis—and integrate all that information into a single analysis.

BlueDragon IPS helps businesses determine what’s actually causing problems without relying on conjecture, prevent repetitive waste and reduce corrective action backlogs, and put money back into building business value instead of wasting it on repairing past actions.

The BlueDragon Framework is the architecture for a scalable methodology that identifies the deepest-seated causes of human-centric problems in modern, socio-technical work environments with amazing speed and accuracy.

The IPS Framework Combines:

A group of professionals from various industries layered to represent advanced critical thinking course

Our Solutions

BlueDragon IPS provides both education in the form of training courses and certifications, and consulting services such as team leadership and coaching/mentoring.

Become a Dragon

Earn an IPS certification or enroll in one of our refresher or management training course.

Become a Dragon

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Become a Dragon


BlueDragon Analyst

BlueDragon Practitioner

BlueDragon Master Practitioner


Refresher Training

Management Orientation


Hire a Dragon

Hire an IPS Analyst or Practitioner to mentor your team or lead an IPS investigation.

Hire a Dragon

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Coaching & Mentoring

BlueDragon Team Leaders

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