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Become a Dragon

There is no better way to build a resilient problem-solving team or advance your career in today’s complex working environments than with a cutting edge BlueDragon IPS Certification.



Acquire world-class critical thinking and problem solving skills with the BlueDragon Integrated Problem-solving System.

Learn how to improve your processes and identify problems, stop recurring events, reduce corrective action backlogs, and return to critical tasks.

Spend more time and resources on the mission

Accurately identify what's actually causing your problems

Prevent events from recurring and reduce your backlogs

Gain essential skills that will transform your team and advance your career

Tiers of Certification

Most organizations implement their own Root Cause Analyst certification program. Those certifications are only valid at the local sites.  BlueDragon offers its own certification program that is transferrable across all industries around the world. 

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BlueDragon Analyst

BlueDragon Analyst

Develop an understanding of the fundamentals of critical thinking and complex problem solving and learn to conduct BlueDragon Rapid Investigations.

Learn the fundamentals of critical thinking and problem solving.

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BlueDragon Practitioner

BlueDragon Practitioner

In addition to BlueDragon Analyst, the Practitioner will be able to complete Rapid Investigations, Comprehensive Investigations and Proactive Program Reviews.

Take your problem solving skills to the next level.

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BlueDragon Master Practitioner

BlueDragon Master Practitioner

Become fluent in the full scope and scale of IPS as well as the underlying theory. Master acts as coach and mentor to other BlueDragon Analysts and Practitioners.

For BlueDragon Practitioners seeking to master the BlueDragon methodology.

BlueDragon Practitioners may inquire to learn about our latest certification - BlueDragon Master Practitioner.

Training & Education

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An update for existing BlueDragon Analysts and Practitioners. Learn the latest techniques of BlueDragon IPS, and keep your skills alive and active.


Management Orientation

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Essential training for leaders and managers that are supporting IPS investigations. Choose from either instructor-led management indoctrination or our online, self-paced course.

Cohort Schedules

BD1 Cohort Schedule - 2023

View the cohort schedule for 2023 for the BD1: BlueDragon Analyst Certification.

BD2 Cohort Schedule - 2023

View the cohort schedule for 2023 for the BD2: BlueDragon Practitioner Certification.

Learn More About IPS

Why BlueDragon IPS?

BlueDragon IPS is a state-of-the-art methodology that moves beyond other traditional and dated methods of Root Cause Analysis.

IPS Case Studies

Learn how BlueDragon IPS has helped countless organizations to transform their teams into critical thinkers and problem solvers.

Critical Thinking Redefined

BlueDragon IPS provides a practical definition to help us learn and build critical thinking skills.