BlueDragon Tip of the Week: Preparing our Youth for the Age of Artificial Intelligence

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We are in the 4th Industrial Revolution, the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning, which is going to reshape our jobs and our education system. It would seem sensible that teaching the human skills that will not likely be replaced by AI would receive much more emphasis in education systems. However, studies show that higher education institutions have not evolved their pedagogy and andragogy to meet the increasing demands for higher order thinkers in the age of AI.

Watch this 2-minute video to understand Industry 4.0 and the kinds of human skills that we will need in this new age of AI.

It is paradoxical that, as world leaders are seeking higher order thinkers with essential skills that will become even more important in this new age of AI, mainstream academia has not pivoted to meet these demands.

Mining data from more than 50 million job postings, ZipRecruiter found that Artificial Intelligence created three times as many jobs as it destroyed in 2018. The fastest growing jobs included Senior Data Scientist, with an annual growth of 340%, Mobile Application Developer (186%) and SEO Specialist (180%). However, AI and Machine Learning are also expected to eliminate many of the jobs currently being done by humans. The notable exceptions were jobs that relied on the skills that were highlighted by the World Economic Forum in their “Future of Jobs Report” from 2016. Here is a recap of their list of top 10 human skills we will need to thrive in the age of AI.


      1. Complex Problem Solving

      1. Critical Thinking

      1. Creativity

      1. People Management

      1. Coordinating w/ Others

      1. Emotional Intelligence

      1. Judgement & Decision-making

      1. Service Orientation

      1. Negotiation

      1. Cognitive Flexibility

    If skills such as critical thinking and complex problem-solving are not developed by the time a student completes their formal education, their chances of developing those skills diminish as they fall into the slipstream of their professional life. Most college graduates will not have the opportunity to hone those skills on their own. Not only should there be a world-wide awakening as to the importance of teaching the practical application of these skills, but the concepts and skills should be taught from the time a student enters Kindergarten and continue through post-graduate studies.

    Tip of the Week:

    Here then, is our tip of the week. As we steam-roll our way towards Artificial Intelligence, we (parents) have to take the initiative to fill in the gaps in our mainstream education system. Seek out additional courses from an early age that nurtures these important human skills. They will ensure that our children will have valuable jobs in the future, as the jobs that require those skills will not be replaced by AI anytime soon.

    At BlueDragon, we are working with moms to develop a pedagogy that teaches children critical thinking skills at an early age.

    If you would like additional information on critical thinking and complex problem solving courses, visit us at:

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