BlueDragon Has Helped Clients Save Millions

BlueDragon IPS has been in use at the National Laboratories, the Nuclear Weapons Complex and Westinghouse Electric. By solving complex problems, our clients have saved millions of dollars in operating costs and strengthened their defenses to lower risk, save lives and save money.  

Our beginner and advanced training programs have helped countless organizations to transform their teams into critical thinkers and complex problem solvers. Here are some of their stories. 

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Case Studies

BlueDragon Helps the DOE Assess a Capital Asset Project and Recover Millions in Cost Overruns

BlueDragon Helps National Security By Investigating the Causes of Unauthorized Email Leaks

BlueDragon Helps Free up a Multi-Billion Dollar Contract by Evaluating a Procurement Program

BlueDragon Identifies Significant Program Weaknesses That Caused a Near Fatality

BlueDragon Helps the Army's Chemical Weapons Destruction Program

BlueDragon Saves a Client Millions in Responding to the Fed's Notice of Violations

The BlueDragon Framework is the architecture for a scalable methodology that identifies the deepest-seated causes of human-centric problems in modern, socio-technical work environments with amazing speed and accuracy.

The IPS Framework Combines:

Top Use Cases

We work in regulated industries to evaluate and strengthen your defenses and reduce the probability of future events. We also provide organizations with the skills they need to solve their most complex problems.

Proactive Uses

Real-Time Investigations


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Free Hidden Cost Calculator: Discover How Recurring Problems Are Costing You
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