The Ultimate Guide to Making Critical Decisions:
How to Elect the Next President

Making informed decisions in critical situations, such as electing the next president, is paramount. 

Our ultimate guide to making critical decisions is a customizable Critical Decision Matrix (a spreadsheet) that empowers you with the tools and knowledge to navigate complex choices, such as selecting the best presidential candidate based on comprehensive analysis and thoughtful deliberation. 

Do You Know the Factors That Influence Presidential Elections?

Many individuals are unaware of the myriad factors influencing the election of a president. From policy positions and leadership qualities to economic plans and international relations, understanding these elements is crucial. Our Critical Decision Matrix provides a structured approach to evaluating each candidate, ensuring your decision is well-informed and data-driven.

Why Traditional Decision-Making Processes Fall Short

Traditional decision-making processes often overlook critical factors and fail to provide a comprehensive analysis of all relevant aspects. While they may offer a basic understanding, they rarely uncover the deeper insights necessary for making well-rounded decisions. Many decisions are made purely from an emotional, uninformed and biased point of view. 

Our Critical Decision Matrix is based on the principles of critical thinking: the intellectually disciplined process for gathering, organizing and analyzing information, so we can develop informed opinions and make the best decisions. This matrix offers a systematic approach that delves into essential criteria, ensuring no stone is left unturned. It also helps to minimize the bias and emotion when making critical decisions.

Calculating the Best Choice - An Example:

Past Performance

Legislative record and previous roles

Leadership Ability

Do they have the vision, judgment, and influence to effectively lead?

Character and Integrity

Are they honest, ethical, and stand by their principles?

Stance on Critical Issues

The economy, abortion, immigration, energy independence, crime, jobs, etc.


Ability to Lead Major Change

Do they have capacity to deliver on major reforms proposed?

Using the Critical Decision Matrix: An Overview

1. Enter the Critical Decision: Define the situation or decision you need to make.

2. Options Column: List the potential candidates or choices.

3. Customize Criteria: Adjust the 12 criteria to reflect the most relevant factors.

4. Conduct Research: Gather detailed information on each criterion, avoiding single sources of information. 

Also avoid sources that lean too far the the left or the right: use the Ad Fontes Media Bias Chart to determine which sources of information are the most factually accurate and least biased.

5. Summarize Research: Record your findings in the notes/research cells.

6. Assign Initial Scores: Rate each option on a scale from 1-10 for each criterion.

7. Adjust Weight Factors: Increase the weight for more important criteria.

8. Calculate Final Scores: The final scores will be computed automatically.

9. Compare Totals: Compare the weighted scores to determine the best option.

10. Manual Ranking: Rank the outcomes and add any supplementary notes.

Obtain a Comprehensive Understanding of How Critical Decisions are Made

Download the Critical Decision Matrix to gain a detailed understanding of how to evaluate and compare candidates effectively. Use this structured approach to make data-driven decisions and ensure your vote is based on thorough research and analysis, and not on emotion and biased information.  


Making an uninformed decision in critical situations can have significant consequences. Our Critical Decision Matrix ensures you are equipped with all the necessary information and tools to make the best possible choice for the next president.

Lost Revenue
Losing trillions of dollars while using outdated Root Cause Analysis
Lost Contracts
Loss of trust and regulatory confidence leading to lost contracts
Industrial accidents
Industrial accidents from lack of problem-solving skills in the organization
Staffing Issues
Problems with recruitment and retention leading to a turnover of quality staff
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