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If your organization is still using the Fishbone, the Five Why’s and Events & Causal Factors Charts, you’re not working with 21st Century tools and techniques.

BlueDragon IPS has helped countless organizations to transform their teams into critical thinkers and problem solvers.

A group of businesspeople collaborating and utilizing critical thinking to solve problem in workplace


Case Studies

Near Fatality

At a Federal Government site, a non-electrical worker received a shock when he cut into a live wire with a current of 20 amps and 208 volts.

Equipment Failures

A Department of Defense Chemical Weapons Destruction Plant experienced seven consecutive failures of 4160v motors supplying three trains of vital breathing air...

Negative Trend

At a Federal Government construction site (part of the nuclear weapons complex), a negative trend of dropped objects from two cranes was proactively investigated...

Proactive Program Review

The Procurement Program at a Federal Government site (part of the nuclear weapons complex) was analyzed to determine why there were recurring issues...

The BlueDragon Framework is the architecture for a scalable methodology that identifies the deepest-seated causes of human-centric problems in modern, socio-technical work environments with amazing speed and accuracy.

The IPS Framework Combines:

Top Use Cases

We work in regulated industries to evaluate and strengthen your defenses and reduce the probability of future events. We also provide organizations with the skills they need to solve their most complex problems.


Real-Time Investigations