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The construction sector encompasses infrastructure, commercial and residential building firms including owners, contractors, architects, engineers, tradespeople and vendors. With hazardous materials, heavy equipment, working from heights, in trenches, and other risks intrinsic to complex project environments, construction carries immense safety and quality challenges.

Typical issues faced include:

  1. Injuries, severe accidents and fatalities from falls, being struck-by objects, electrical shocks, confined spaces and other construction site hazards resulting in lost time, OSHA fines, and liability costs.
  2. Cost overruns and schedule delays eroding already thin profit margins and delaying revenue generation from project completion.
  3. Cyber incidents leading to theft of sensitive design files and proprietary project data.
  4. Stop work orders, lawsuits, consent decrees and damage to competitive status due to safety and environmental noncompliance.
  5. Quality escapes resulting in rework requiring tear out and replacement to pass inspections.
  6. Inconsistent safety culture and inadequate skills training allows for risk tolerance across projects and trades.
  7. Inferior quality materials and substituted products being installed without verification leading to failures, leaks and performance issues.
  8. Damaging storms, excessive rain and other extreme weather events disrupting project momentum.
  9. Skilled labor shortages coupled with an aging workforce and loss of trade expertise through retirement.
  10. Project delays from late material deliveries and supply chain disruptions.
  11. Security gaps allowing theft of building materials, tools and equipment.
  12. Diminished oversight over subcontractors leading to unauthorized shortcuts and off-the-books unsafe practices.

The Bluedragon Value Proposition



BlueDragon IPS provides construction leaders an advanced methodology for investigating incidents, auditing risk controls, and engineering high-leverage solutions that drive continuous safety and quality improvements across complex, fast-paced project environments.

With demanding schedules, thin margins and skilled labor shortages, construction firms require resilience to assure timely and profitable project delivery while keeping workers out of harm’s way. With BlueDragon IPS, contractors can accurately diagnose root causes of safety breakdowns, quality escapes and productivity issues – implementing targeted corrective actions that balance production pressures with the moral imperative to send every worker home uninjured every day. Our unique approach integrates critical thinking, safety science concepts and a sharp focus on human performance vulnerabilities. With BlueDragon IPS as a trusted partner, top tier builders can help construction firms complete contracts without compromise to schedule, quality or safety.

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