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The education sector encompasses K-12 school districts, colleges, universities, vocational schools, tutoring services, edtech companies and related providers. With student safety concerns along with persistent struggles to consistently advance student achievement, education carries critical risk factors while pursuing an imperative mission critical to the success of future generations.

Typical challenges faced include:

  1. Achievement gaps reflected in unacceptable literacy, math and other subject proficiency rates that undermine economic mobility.
  2. Budget overruns erode funds available for high-impact services benefitting marginalized students.
  3. Cybersecurity incidents expose sensitive student records and proprietary instructional content.
  4. Non-compliance with federal education laws incurs penalties while still requiring mandated program improvements.
  5. Safety incidents including bullying, student trauma, and acts of violence require crisis management while impacting learning continuity.
  6. Inconsistent safety culture across regions and roles allows risks to student wellbeing to go unaddressed.
  7. Inferior quality instructional materials fail to deliver literacy and other academic gains.
  8. Ineffective integration of education technologies without adequate teacher training or customization to learning needs.
  9. Natural disasters and public health emergencies cause structural damage, staff shortages, and community devastation taking focus away from learning recovery.
  10. Teacher and substitute shortages leading to persistent understaffing, overstressed educators and students cycling through a carousel of long-term subs.
  11. Physical security gaps allowing unauthorized access to campuses.
  12. Diminished oversight over outsourced transportation, food services and contractor staff.
  13. Supply chain issues delaying delivery of textbooks, tech devices, materials and equipment needed for impactful instruction.

The Bluedragon Value Proposition



BlueDragon IPS provides education leaders with advanced critical thinking concepts tailored to strengthen enterprise risk management, enable safety and performance investigations, while driving continuous learning improvements.

Education carries a profound purpose hampered by funding constraints, public health crises and an imperative to reinvent outdated models. With BlueDragon IPS, education organizations can accurately assess systemic issues holding back achievement, determine root causes of safety and performance breakdowns, and engineer highleverage solutions for 21st century learner success. Our unique methodology integrates critical thinking, learning science and a sharp focus on the human elements fueling educational outcomes. With BlueDragon IPS as a trusted partner, the education sector can mobilize communities, accelerate outcomes and nourish fulfillment of boundless student potential.

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