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The energy sector encompasses electric, gas, nuclear, hydroelectric, renewable energy providers as well as oil, gas, chemical and mining companies. With complex technology, hazardous materials, and processes that demand precision, energy operations carry immense risk.

Typical recurring pain points faced by the energy sector include:

  1. Personnel injuries and fatalities from falls, electric shocks, chemical exposures and other industrial accidents incur medical expenses, lower morale, trigger OSHA violations and lawsuits.
  2. Equipment failures and unplanned downtime lead to production losses and reliability issues.
  3. Cost overruns and schedule slippage for major capital projects erode profitability and delay mission-critical upgrades.
  4. Cybersecurity vulnerabilities expose operations to hacking, ransomware and compromised safety systems.
  5. Regulatory non-compliance and consent decrees result in fines, mandated facility upgrades, and additional oversight.
  6. Unauthorized hazardous material discharges provoke environmental damage, EPA violations, and community backlash.
  7. Fraud, waste and abuse bleed funds that could advance innovation and growth.
  8. Ineffective management of waste storage and decommissioning allows contamination leaks and environmental exceedances.
  9. Damage and disruptions from extreme weather and natural disasters cause extensive recovery costs and test business continuity plans.
  10. Aging workforce and loss of critical institutional knowledge threaten safe operations as veterans retire faster than they can transfer knowledge.
  11. Physical security compromises of sites vital to national security undermine public safety and trust.
  12. Loss of control over subcontractors leads to unauthorized security violations, safety incidents, and inferior work quality that goes undetected.
  13. Procurement program inefficiencies result in production delays while awaiting late material deliveries needed to maintain output quotas.
  14. Transmission and distribution operations issues provoke localized or widespread power outages that disrupt communities and commercial activity.

The Bluedragon Value Proposition



BlueDragon IPS provides the energy industry with the most advanced methodology for investigating incidents, auditing performance, and engineering targeted corrective actions to prevent recurrence.

Reactor scrams. Oil spills. Chemical releases. Rig explosions. Pipeline cyber-attacks. When incidents strike energy operations, leaders must quickly trace events back to the root causes. Were inadequate safety controls to blame? Overworked staff? Outdated technology? Energy sector organizations struggle to eliminate systemic vulnerabilities, prevent issues from reoccurring, and create continuously improving cultures obsessed with reliability and resilience. BlueDragon IPS gives energy companies an advanced way to carry out thorough investigations that integrate critical thinking concepts with systems theory and a sharp focus on human performance analysis.

Our approach trains crossfunctional teams to spot risks proactively with tools and techniques that strengthen risk management programs to prevent future issues. Together, safety experts, engineers, and plant operators can figure out why problems happen and protect the environment, communities, and workers from harm. With BlueDragon IPS as a trusted partner, energy companies can deliver reliable, safe, responsible energy. As fossil and renewable systems grow more complex and interconnected, our specialists equip leaders to meet challenges without compromising safety or productivity. Teams can rapidly pinpoint root causes and implement fixes that reduce risk to workers and the public and assure mission success.

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