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The federal government sector encompasses executive branch agencies, Congressional offices and committees, along with supporting services responsible for national security, healthcare, transportation systems, environmental regulations, tax collection and public services that impact Americans. Operating under intense public scrutiny with changing partisan priorities, persistent requests for agencies to “do more with less” and vast networks of contractors further complicate execution of agency missions.

Typical challenges include:

  1. Injuries, deaths and billion-dollar impacts stem from preventable large scale international terrorism incidents and natural disasters revealing homeland security weaknesses.
  2. Development cost overruns for agency modernization projects delaying improved public access, cyber protections and critical infrastructure upgrades years past target timelines and budgets agreed to with lawmakers.
  3. Cyber incidents expose citizen personal data collected by Medicare, IRS, VA and other federal departments eroding trust in institutions responsible for sensitive information.
  4. Non-compliance with regulatory policies or agency standards of conduct incurs Congressional hearings, community criticism and leadership turnover after scandals involving ethics breakdowns by senior appointees or favoritism in awarding contracts.
  5. Unsolved deficiencies and cutting watchdog reports continue hampering programs after prior reforms failed to produce dramatic advances in literacy rates, military readiness indicators or infrastructure reliability metrics.
  6. Fraud, waste and abuse surrounding deep-rooted supply chain management and acquisitions workforce skill gaps drain taxpayer funds from fulfilling public missions.
  7. Shortages and attrition among mission critical personnel including cybersecurity talent, healthcare providers, scientists and other experts whose unique skills preserve economic and infrastructure stability.
  8. Physical security gaps in government data centers allowing adversaries access to classified information and sweetheart real estate lease terms costing taxpayers excessive rental expenses relative to commercial market rates.
  9. Diminished oversight over far-reaching networks of contractors performing services with limited accountability for achieving agency objectives aligned to core missions.

The Bluedragon Value Proposition



BlueDragon IPS provides federal leaders an advanced methodology for thoroughly investigating breakdowns in programs, policies or crisis response protocols while maintaining sensitivity to political implications surrounding solution delivery and communication.

With perpetual pressure to advance complex national priorities under intense media coverage and constrained budgets, public sector institutions require resilience. With BlueDragon IPS, federal agencies can accurately diagnose root causes of persistent, systemic failures to meet agency goals and congressional expectations – determining the vital few interventions that refocus resources directly tied to mission. Our unique approach integrates critical thinking, systems concepts, and analysis of root causes often tracing back years avoiding politically expedient blame games. With BlueDragon IPS as a trusted partner, authorities are better equipped to seek meaningful reforms over rhetoric and to help government pragmatically solve entrenched issues, restore citizen trust and fulfill agency missions.

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