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The healthcare sector includes hospitals, medical practices, insurers, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, skilled nursing and long-term care facilities. With advancing technology, pressure to reduce costs, aging populations, and risks intrinsic to caring for human life, healthcare carries immense complexity.

Typical challenges faced include:

  1. Medical errors related to misdiagnosis, inappropriate treatment, hospital-acquired infections, and medication safety compromising patient health.
  2. Implementation of electronic health records and new technology lacking adequately tailored workflows and user training.
  3. Cyber incidents exposing protected patient health information and medical IP to adversaries.
  4. Enforcement actions for regulatory noncompliance with care standards, billing integrity, privacy rules, and quality reporting programs.
  5. Workplace violence and clinician burnout damaging already scarce talent required to meet growing community care needs.
  6. Inconsistent safety culture across health systems, practices and support services allowing risks to patients and employees go unaddressed.
  7. Inferior quality products and counterfeit devices resulting in treatment errors and corrective surgeries.
  8. Poor integration and change management surrounding new technologies like AI, robots, and telehealth tools.
  9. Public health emergencies and natural disasters causing structural damage, resource constraints and restricted access to routine care.
  10. Physician, nurse and specialist shortages exacerbating clinician fatigue and rising patient safety risks tied to understaffing.
  11. Physical security gaps allowing unauthorized access to controlled substances and patient records.
  12. Diminished oversight into the endemic fraud, waste and abuse bleeding funds needed for patient services.
  13. Shortened hospital stays and home care models demanding tighter supply chain integration with less room for backorders of critical devices and implants.

The Bluedragon Value Proposition



BlueDragon IPS provides healthcare leaders an advanced methodology for investigating adverse events, assessing vulnerabilities, and engineering high-leverage solutions that enhance clinical excellence and reinforce reliable protections surrounding patient safety.

With scientific breakthroughs enabling new cures, yet rising costs and staffing challenges threatening access and quality of care, health systems require resilience. With BlueDragon IPS, healthcare organizations can accurately diagnose root causes of safety and performance breakdowns and implement targeted corrective actions balancing practical constraints with the duty to “do no harm” across every patient touchpoint. Our unique approach integrates critical thinking, human factors science and sharp focus on reliability gaps. With BlueDragon IPS as a trusted partner,  patient safety leaders can more effectively help healthcare walk the tightrope between cost, care, and outcomes by enabling organizations to meet expanding community needs without compromising clinical quality.

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