Military and Defense

BlueDragon Use Cases

The military and defense contractor sector is responsible for equipping, deploying, sustaining, and supporting the armed services in executing national security missions. With complex weapons systems, hazardous materials, intense training, and dangerous operating environments, military operations carry immense risk.

Typical pain points faced include:

  1. Development cost overruns and schedule slippage for new weapon systems delay delivery of advanced defense capabilities.
  2. Degraded oversight over outsourced logistics, maintenance reps and contractors.
  3. Cybersecurity breaches allow adversaries access to sensitive systems and data.
  4. Recruitment and retention challenges leading to persistent understaffing in key positions.
  5. Training incidents, friendly fire events, and combat casualties damage morale, incur investigations and lawsuits.
  6. Accidental discharges, leaks or explosions of explosives and other hazardous materials.
  7. Inconsistent safety culture across commands, bases and field operations allows risks to go unaddressed.
  8. Supply chain vulnerabilities creating parts shortages keeping defense systems inactive.
  9. Equipment failures and poor maintenance causing crashes and battlefield breakdowns, compromising mission readiness and endangering personnel.
  10. Physical security and antiterrorism defense breakdowns allowing unauthorized access to restricted areas, assets, and data.
  11. Congressional inquiries and critical government audits mandate upgrades, appropriate funds, and impose oversight.
  12. Inability to quickly integrate innovations and new technologies into fielded systems.
  13. Base damage and mission disruptions from extreme weather events and natural disasters.
  14. Suicides and sexual assaults lower morale, trigger criminal investigations and lawsuits.

The Bluedragon Value Proposition


Military and Defense

BlueDragon IPS provides advanced critical thinking concepts tailored to assure mission readiness, strengthen risk management, enable rigorous investigations, and bolster system protections across military operations.

America’s warfighters operate the world’s most capable weapons systems and utilize cutting-edge technologies to maintain battlefield dominance. Yet tight budgets, evolving threats, and rapid innovation cycles strain readiness. When fighter jet crash rates rise or a rash of accidents happens during live training, leadership must quickly trace events back to underlying causes. Is it faulty equipment, inadequate skills training, personnel showing up to work exhausted, or something deeper? With BlueDragon IPS, commanders can improve mission readiness in chaotic conditions by equipping them with an advanced way to carry out thorough investigations that find and eliminate the causes of recurring incidents. Our approach also trains teams to think critically and ask logical questions about risks so they can proactively spot readiness gaps before adversity impacts personnel or readiness. With BlueDragon IPS as a trusted partner, America’s military will be better able to sustain capabilities without compromising safety, improve their resilience in the face of adversity, save warfighter lives, and maintain dominance in the battlefield.

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