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The transportation sector encompasses railway networks, trucking fleets, public transit agencies, seaports, airports, and infrastructure that enables mobility of people and goods. With evolving technologies, high value assets, hazardous materials transport, challenging operating environments, and risks intrinsic to complex vehicles, transportation carries immense safety and compliance complexity.

Typical challenges faced include:

  1. Injuries, severe accidents and fatalities to workers and public users stemming from a range of operating hazards tied to conforming infrastructure.
  2. Implementation budget overruns for modernized traffic management systems, vehicle health recording, and automation technologies falling short of reliability and cybersecurity priorities.
  3. Hacking of autonomous truck platooning, train signaling, or airplane fly-by-wire navigation controls enabling disruption, collisions and cargo theft.
  4. Lawsuits, leadership turnover and erosion of public/regulator trust after incidents alleging safety lapses, excessive force or biased treatment.
  5. Quality escapes resulting in track buckling, bridge collapse, asphalt deterioration or managed lane breakdowns requiring major repair.
  6. Inconsistent safety culture and inadequate skills training allows for risk tolerance across operating groups.
  7. Vehicle part malfunctions resulting in derailments, jackknifes and emergency aircraft landings.
  8. Damage and disruptions from extreme heat, coastal flooding, tornadoes and seismic events hampering infrastructure integrity and right-of-way access.
  9. Operator shortages leading to service reductions, shipping delays as port backlogs and idled vehicles cascade across supply chains.
  10. Security weaknesses enabling unauthorized access to airport tarmacs, locomotive cabs or highway infrastructure controls.
  11. Diminished oversight over outsourced maintenance allowing safety defects and service delays to persist undetected.

The Bluedragon Value Proposition



BlueDragon IPS provides transportation leaders an advanced methodology for investigating incidents, enhancing system protections, and sustaining reliable mobility of goods and public commuters essential to community wellbeing.

With vehicles, users and systems growing more interconnected, transportation requires resilience to assure safe continuity of operations through tumultuous conditions. With BlueDragon IPS as trusted partner, agencies can accurately diagnose root causes of safety breakdowns, reliability issues and loss of public confidence – implementing solutions that balance practical constraints with the moral imperative for competent stewardship of infrastructure catalyzing economic activity. Our unique approach integrates critical thinking, human factors concepts and sharp analysis of technological and cultural vulnerabilities across assets, policies and personnel in motion. With BlueDragon IPS leaders are better equipped to strengthen institutional capacity to smoothly serve communities across the physical world.

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