Vision, Mission & Ethics

Our Vision

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To be the gold standard in root cause analysis and enterprise risk management assessments.

At BlueDragon, we have pioneered a cutting-edge critical thinking and problem-solving framework that unlocks the infinite human potential for solving complex, recurring problems and costly human errors.  We aim to bring this breakthrough in problem-solving to all industries and help reduce the trillions of dollars wasted each year due to fraud, waste, abuse, insurance and warranty claims, recalls and lawsuits.  

Our Mission

To train organizations to solve their recurring workplace problems and support enterprise risk management assessments.

BlueDragon’s mission is to equip organizations with the skills needed to quickly and effectively analyze and eliminate the causes of costly human errors and complex recurring problems, so they can lower risks, prevent crises, and cultivate cultures of accountability, safety, and excellence across high risk and regulated sectors. We accomplish this mission through our online Learning Management System (LMS) and through consulting projects. 

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Our Code of Ethics

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To conduct ourselves as servant leaders.

DLE employees and subcontractors are expected to conduct themselves according to the highest principles of business ethics and is committed to conducting our business activities with honesty, integrity and in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.  We also believe in conducting ourselves as servant leaders, focusing primarily on the growth and well-being of clients and our employees, and the communities to which they belong.  We encourage our staff to put the needs of others first and help everyone around us to develop and perform as highly as possible.

Our Solutions

Training & Education

BlueDragon provides refresher training for existing Analysts and Practitioners as well as introductory training for management.

Become a Dragon

There is no better way to build a resilient team or advance your career in today’s working environments than with a cutting edge BlueDragon Certification.

Hire a Dragon

For years, BlueDragon has supported the nuclear and weapons complex in a range of issues. Let BlueDragon provide the expertise needed to guide you through your most complex problems.

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Attention Retired Executives!

Are you a retired executive from a regulated industry looking to stay engaged through consulting work? We are seeking highly motivated partners to leverage their expertise and earn 10% commissions on new contract sales.

If you have executive experience in our target industries and a strong professional reputation to utilize, this is the perfect opportunity to supplement your income through flexible contracting work without needing to rebuild your client base from scratch. We provide the sales and marketing support, you provide the expertise – it’s a winning partnership!

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